St. Peter’s Fiesta

by Alice Gardner
Published by Curran Press

A colorful children’s book about Gloucester, MA and the 100 year old festival of St. Peter and the Sea, celebrated by the city’s Sicilian community. Fun and full of information, Gardner preserves one of the city’s most beloved cultural events for children now and always.

Created Equal

by Roger A. Brown
Published by Curran Press

A novel of intrigue and mystery about a young woman who wants to become ordained as a Catholic Priest and the lawyer who represents her—now, also an award winning independent film.

Gifts of Gold

by Felicia Ciaramitaro

A lovingly crafted collection of Sicilian-American family recipes coupled with stories about growing up in Gloucester, Massachusetts in the Italian Community, learning to cook by the side of her Sicilian grandmother. The collections includes over 80 family recipes, easy-to-follow instructions and over 200 beautiful color photos.

Website Navigation

by Ken Copland

A visual guide and in-depth look at how to design and integrate effective and engaging navigation into your website.

Home Office Design

by Rockport Publishers

A beautiful coffee table book with inspiring and practical ideas for creating an in-home office.

Gem Films

an Investor’s Prospectus

A multi-page synopsis of major motion film created to send to potential investors.

Little Dude

By Rebecca Trotsky with Marie Smyth
Illustrated by Steve Dansereau
Published by Curran Press

A tender story of a seven year old boy and his pet turtle—Little Dude, and his classmates. When the main character is not able to take care of his pet, his classmates help care for the turtle, learning about kindness, love and loss. Book cover design, including photoshop reworking of the illustration, by CKD.